What Are the Materials of Commonly Used Courier Packing Bags?


Which material of courier packing bags is more suitable? What are the commonly used materials for courier packing bags? Courier bags refer to the bags used in the express industry to transport documents, vouchers, materials, and goods. At present, the most commonly used courier packing bags are plastic express bags made of polyethylene materials, which have the characteristics of low cost, convenient use and good waterproof performance. Courier bags are classified into express plastic bags, express document seals, express bubble bags, express ziplock bags, express woven bags, etc.

1. Courier packing bags for clothing

It is recommended to choose PE courier packing bags. This kind of express plastic bag is made by adding a self-sealing process and has the characteristics of low cost. It can be printed to promote online stores, can be moisture-proof, or avoid being opened midway to adjust the package and then restore the seal.

2. Materials for courier packing bags for packaging clocks, accessories, CDs, and items that are easy to scratch

Optional express composite bubble bags (also divided into kraft paper composite bubble bags, co-extruded film composite bubble bags, aluminized film composite bubble bags, etc.). The appearance of the composite bubble bag is similar to that of ordinary courier bags, but the internal structure is different from the material of ordinary courier packing bags. The express composite bubble bag has a two-layer material structure, the outer layer can be kraft paper, PE co-extruded film, aluminum film or pearl film, and the inner layer is PE bubble film. Its function is mainly reflected in the inner layer. PE bubble film can play a buffer, shock-proof and anti-extrusion effect, and PE bubble film can well protect the inner packaging items from being scratched due to its flexibility.