How to Order Security Courier Bags


Courier bags are widely used in transportation as a bag for packaging products. Usually, the courier company uses the courier bags most, but excluding these courier companies, a large number of merchants will also choose to customize the security courier bag.

1. The specifications of the security courier bags

The size of the security courier bags depends on the size and shape of your product. If the bag is too small, it can't hold anything. If the bag is too big, it will waste materials. The bag is too tight and it will greatly affect our delivery efficiency and reduce the packaging speed. A slightly larger express bag must be customized according to the size and shape of the product. A moderate increase in the size of the bag is more conducive to increasing the packaging speed. The specific specifications of the bag can be determined after the trial installation.

2. The material of the security courier bags

The choice of courier bag materials is very important. When we receive the express, we will definitely see that the postal express will have customized security courier bags dedicated to the post. Similarly, SF Express will also have SF express bags, and SF Express' bags are white without objectionable odor , its safety is very high, and its performance is better than that of ordinary logistics companies, so we must choose new materials with good quality when choosing materials.

3. The design of the security courier bags

We will find that many security courier bags will have advertisement placement or LOGO. The advertising printing on courier bags has also become a problem that many businesses pay attention to. The exquisite design can also increase the company's reputation, so be sure to communicate with mailing bag manufacturers when printing.