How to Choose Security Courier Bags?


1. The toughness of the security courier bag itself, as long as it is made of all PE material or brand new materials, it has strong toughness, tensile and abrasion resistance, and can be used for packaging express-packaged products safely.

2. The thickness of security courier bags, the density of PE material and brand new materials are fixed, and the product size is also selected at the time of purchase, so the weight determines the thickness of security courier bags you choose. Generally speaking, security courier bags with thickness of 11-15 silk can fully meet the requirements of delivery. The thicker the thickness, the higher the cost. Choose the most suitable security courier bags according to the weight of the goods and other attributes.

3. The firmness of the edge of security courier bags is very important. Many bags are filled with impurities in their materials, coupled with unstable edge-sealing cutting technology, resulting in the bag's poor edge-sealing bonding, thus the bags are easy to crack, and can not meet the requirements of delivery safety. So be sure to choose security courier bags with stable edge sealing technology and materials.

4. As for the viscosity of the sealing glue of security courier bags, it is not that the more advanced glue is, the more sticky it is. To achieve the one-time high destructive effect of the sealing, the glue needs to be suitable for the characteristics of the safety courier bag material itself. Of course, usually more glues will make it more sticky, and the destructive sealing effect will be better!

5. The stickiness of security courier bags and express delivery sheets is related to the materials of the express delivery. Filling impurities in the materials may cause the security courier bags to be non-sticky. Choose full-PE materials or brand new materials to ensure the stable and secure effect.

6. Security courier bags need to be opaque to ensure the privacy of express content. Based on the above characteristics, choose a relatively economical and affordable ordinary safety courier bag, which can only pack some products with relatively light weight (such as clothing). It is recommended that this kind of security courier bags be used with a sealing tape during packing.